Socially, politically, economically and economically the world is rapidly changing at a dramatic rate. As the world has changed, so has the school, and so has what we mean by teaching and by learning. The teacher-student relationship is far more complex and demanding than ever before. The implication of this more diversified role for the teacher is what impelled a new view of the process of teacher education and training. Thus, teacher education is seen as a continuous process, beginning with a phase of initial training and continuing throughout the teacher’s professional life throughout regular and sustained periods of in-service training. Maintaining the view that a teacher must remain a learner during the scope of their service is mandatory.

Our Work is:-

 To educate new teachers
 provide professional development for practicing in-service teachers by updating their knowledge and skills
 create teacher education curriculum
 carry out research
 contribute to textbooks
 provide expert advice to local schools upon request
 educate headmasters, principals, and other school administrators

Objective of Teacher Training.

The objective of teacher training isn’t just to produce the average teacher but to produce the above average and professional Educator. Educators have social obligations to equip students to be unbiased active participants in society. Educators should be defenders of truth who enable social change and disseminate accurate knowledge. Appropriate civic knowledge from the educator will motivate civic participation from the learner. The classroom can provide the environment for this participation to materialize. Since education enables us to know, to do, to live together, and to be the reach of teacher training programs internationally rests on the reflection of this kind of education.