About Director

Prakash Singh Azad is the Promoter & Director of My Career Doctor. He is conducting Career Guidance/Counseling seminars and also giving his precious time to students and parents with Psychometric analysis along with his vast knowledge in Career Counselling. Prakash Singh Azad has been conducting several Career Guidance workshops for schools and colleges.

Get rid of all confusion and anxiety regarding your career and higher education assistance at the early stage on face to face meeting with Prakash Singh Azad before it is too late. To fix an appointment just speak to Prakash on his cellphone (+91-9958356300). The counseling session takes half an hour or based on discussion, interview, psychometric profiling etc. one session is enough to get rid of all confusions and worries and to put you on the right path. It is always wise to take the expert career advice before stepping into any course and career.

Prakash Singh Azad is a dedicated Career Counselor, Motivator & English Language Trainer. He has vast experience of providing “English Language Training” & “Teacher Training” to the teachers as Teaching is both skill and an art. He trains teachers and provides detailed guide of how to use these teqniques to help your students psychologically and scientifically and still remain the best and favorite teacher of students. He holds CS Executive degree from ICSI and LL.B from Royal College of Law Gaziabad.